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Funny things your teachers say...

7325 Views 28 Replies 16 Participants Last post by  medcrazy how many of us have teachers who say things that you can't help but laugh at? I'm sure that happens a lot to people who are studying in places like Pakistan where, let's face it, most of our teachers' English isn't perfect. So let's share some things heard from teachers or even students that had you trying to keep yourself from keeling over and having a hernia from laughing!!! #laugh

-The other day during a lecture, a girl asked the teacher a question. After answering the question, the teacher started looking through her lecture notes and said, "Where were I?"

When everybody in class started laughing after the teacher gave us a funny example of some of the cases you may see she said, "This is not joke."

_"Both the three of you get out!"

_"He was a young chap..."
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"what a nonsense!"

"believe you me! i will not spare you!"

my chem tutor has a cockney when im in trouble (which is alot these days) he says "saydia ur jucked" which is a polite way of sayin ur effed..u know the F word

oh n he calls me MUSH...hmmm
a class fellow of mine lost his ring in a play ground.i asked him what he was looking for

he replied " i lost my finger"
"come on tellllllllll, you know answer is 1,4 dicarboxylic acid"
LMAO ahahahhahaha
I like how they pronounce Hippocrates as "hypocrite" in Pakistan. Or "Mr. Johnston" as "Mr. John-Sta-nO"
.. or the ever so popular.. number first.. number second.. number third.. hah
The other day during a forensics test I was trying to help my friend out on the test because she has a supply and didn't study for it. One of the teachers spotted us from the other side of the lecture theater. We saw her too so we stopped. Anyway, so then she walks all the way over to where we were sitting and says, "If you don't do your own work i will KILL you!!!" So then I turned to her with a shocked #shocked look on my face and so she says, "err.. I will kick you out from class!!".....i guess sometimes teachers just go a little bit overboard with the threats. #happy

"It is neither this norther that..."#laugh#rofl
"Uhhhhhhh Mr. You stand up!"
"who will clean the problem'
" Meethane"
" Meerakul' instead of miracle

the portions of the skool (skul) are.....
One of the most famous, or should I say infamous, quotes here at NMC came from a Physiology demonstrator. The subject was Action Potential, Tetany, etc., and this is what he said about the plateau (which he pronounced as pla-too) on the graph, "A plateau is a valley between two mountains!" You had to be there, it was so hilarious! You'd be pissing your pants with laughter right now if you had been. Then every time people would walk past him in the halls they would start mumbling "plateau, plateau"! :D

Here are some from our Behavioral Sciences lectures:

"During Pavlov's experiment, he used to bell the ring."

"When anything does not make anything, it is a neutral response."

"No-one should be afraid of chicken wings." (referring to a person's abnormal and irrational fear, a.k.a. phobia).
hahah me and taimur have some good ones right out of the first few days of KE.

"Meestir You! Stand up!" -- our histology teacher calling on kids to answer questions.

"Both of you three, stand up and come down!"

"Leukemia can be caused by radiation resulting from a nuclear explo-yun"
On the first day histology lecturer (Pakistani): "I ave the unfortunite pleasure of teaching you Istology".

Our Physiology lecturer tends to ask question and then point and some in the class (we are 80 students) and says "You!" and then someone starts to answer and he quickly interrupts "No not you. You! The one on the right 2 desks behind".
you guys mite not find this funny but Smeer sure will

"Zhonoola Okloodun!" hahahahahahah omg man!

oh yeah.
today our cell physio teacher goes'
"It occurs in male boys'
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"Zhonoola Okloodun!" hahahahahahah omg man!
HAHA!!! Yea all the guys make fun of that so much because of how weirdly one of our anatomy professors says it! It's really hysterical
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lol..supuleen... the other day in class the teacher was sayin spleen n i thought she said stain n i wrote stain in my journal.. then i had to correct it after i saw spleen written in other girls' journals...
one of our biochem demonstrator while explaining a prac said,'u will see with ur hands'............oh god!!!#laugh
n one of our histo sir use to say,when he wants to point sum1 who is wearing glasses,'hey u glasses'n if a girl with black dupata,'u miss black dupata'
n during first year the topic he taught the whole year was the bone n cartilage.he wud bring the slides n look for a student to explain,who will simply read aloud the labelings!
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuph yeh teachers!!
Today in the pharma lecture the teacher called on a random girl n asked her a she tried to answer it as best as she cud but the teacher was like, "no....FOOLISH!!!!" #laugh
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