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Foreigners in Pakistan

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Well whether you're going SMC, RMC, KMC, AKU, KE, etc etc, med school in Pakistan is really a whole different world. I'm not talking about the studying, though if you want to know how that goes too, feel free to ask. For foreigners, this place is a far cry from home!

Luckily, if you play your cards right and have good people around you, you'll be surprised at how close to the western world this place really is underneath.

One thing every foreigner needs for sure though, is the "what in the hell do I bring from America" List. For any questions on how we get accustomed to life out here, let's get the ball rolling with anything you all might be wondering.
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well maik i have studied form rmc too..n things u sed abt teaching at rmc are exaggeration..dnt knw wat period u were at rmc but things have changed then if u were from old lot...yeah agree with u lecture halls arnt that good but the thing they teach u in those 4 walls arent tht bad the way u sed....
also u ddnt tell about the frdnly envoirnment they have in rmc ..which very rare in other institutions in pakistan...
n rmc's clinical side is heaven for learners i wuld say...
u are rite mastahriz...medical students of rmc have achieved a lot both internationally n in pakistan..even in usa thier is an organization of rmc drs ...n they have made great contribution in health in usa..
im not advocating only rmc but whole of public sector schools...n evidence i have to present is 2day result of final yr was announced n it was depressing to see most of the students in private medical colleges have failed...
as maik was complaining abt facilities like seating ...but there are other things which makes a school better...n i feel if u have to study medicine in pkistan then join some govt run medical school...i shuldnt b mistaken wrong i accept there are good private sector colleges but jst 1 or 2..
or if u jst wanna become a dr n u have a lot of $$ ....then u can become 1 without opening a book in some private school..
you can see results of some private schools by clicking
i dunno abt ne football match b/w rms n shifa..actually im lod final yr student now rsult came ydy so now i can say im dr lolzz ..yeah rehan its always nice to have a break from books..
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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