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1. Read more. For example, reading the opinion section of newspapers is a good MCAT Verbal Reasoning preparation. It will also help expand your mind and make you a good conversationalist.

2. Don't complain about your problems; find solutions. Notice that when you keep on ruminating, you tend to put off studying later when you feel better. However, focusing on a solution will help you get over an issue immediately and move on to what is important. The more you apply this, the better you are in controlling your thoughts and lessen procrastination.

3. Manage your time. For example, reading interesting posts on social media can take up much of our time. One student shared this technique: “Before I open a social networking site, I set my timer to 15 minutes. The alarm jolts me whenever I become absorbed in reading other people’s posts.”
4. Exercise daily. It will help make you feel better. Exercise provides you with extra energy and a sharper mind.

5. Follow good advice from people who have been there. Join a community where you can discuss with others who have similar experiences.
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