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Fatima Jinnah Vs. Ameer Ur Din

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SO. Everyone will be busy making up their preference lists these days, and I wanted to ask for your opinion, regarding which is preferable: Ameer ud din Medical College or FJMC? And why. REASONS are very important. Both are in Lahore, of course.

I would like to hear what FJites have to say about the standard within FJ nowadays, if there is anyone of you reading this, please share your thoughts!
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I think Ameer ud din is the better option compared to RMC as its affiliated hospital is one of the best in lahore.... Moreover, its in your own city...
But what about the faculty in Ameer ud Din???? And Hostels??? These things matter too....
Its in Lahore... Yes, it is affiliated with UHS.... Jus go through the prospectus or Uhs site...
1 - 3 of 21 Posts