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Entry Tests.

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Hey I am a US citizen applying in Private Medical Colleges in Lahore. Fatimah memorial hospital college and LMDC. Can anybody tell me what are the entry test dates 2007/08 session because they are not available on the colleges sites. Secondly are entry tests mandatory for Foreigners applying in these colleges.

A reply would be appreciated!

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I dunno abt FMH or LMDC but i do know that At CMH Lahore Medical College (new college run by the army) where I study foreign students do not give the test instead they submit their SAT scores in lieu of the entry test but overseas students not having a foreign passport are required to sit for the test

BTW CMH admission packet is available till 5th Sept 2007, Entry test 09 Sept 2007 Its a great college and its definitely worth giving a try, we currently have abt 30 overseas and foreign students studying in the first yr

FMH entry test is on 16 Sept 2007
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For foreign students the test is not mandatory
they just need to submit their SAT scores along with their IBCC equivalence
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