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Elective in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Salaam guys,

I'm a final year student studying in London, and plan to do my four week elective in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

I've noticed that a few previous threads have been from people who were in a similar situation a few years ago. I'm just wondering how it worked out and what advice you have?

I was considering doing 2 weeks at PIMS and 2 weeks at the military hospital.

If you guys are still around could you send me some contact details or useful info please, it'll be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Have you done your electives ,from you did the electives ?i also want to do in rawapindi, islamabad can you please share some information about where to do the electives in Islamabad,and in which year ? Because iam in 2nd year?

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im irum, from the UK and im going to do an elective at PIMS in paediatrics, in islamabad in july 2009.
i had a few questions, i hope some of you can clear up for me.

1) i know it can get extremely warm in pakistan in the summer, and so do the hospitals and the medical schools provide air conditioning for the public as well as staff?

2) I want to bring my laptop, but im afraid that it might crash if the electricity goes out in pakistan. should i still bring it? or do the medical schools provide computer access?

3) Are women doctors allowed to wear trousers and shirts, instead of shalwar kameez in hospitals?

4) should i bring my own textbooks, or is there an extensive library at PIMS that i can use?

5) Is it still slightly safe to go about islamabad, as many people are scared due to the recent bombing attacks there?

Hope to get some good feedback, thanks.
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