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confusion (How to study 3rd year subjects)

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#laugh Hi everyone, I have recently joined the group and I think it's a great
platform for all the med students... I am going to start my third year
very soon so I wanted some how to study pharmacology,pathology and surgery. I mean at the end of the year do we need to remember all the
medicines, doses and sideeffects? and what do I need to concentrate on
basically through the whole year? I mean you cannot remember everything
you studied at the end. My friends say you should have a strong grip of physiology in the wards.Do you think reviewing anat case studies would help? In short,tell me how to study these subjects smartly?
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Mastahriz was talking about the BIG Robbins being the "pathological basis of disease" which is STILL in the 7th edition DOC AMMARA. This is called in desi terms as "big robbins"

The "desi medium robbins south asia edition available for Rs.800 in local market" is Robbins Basic Pathology 8th edition which just came out after a gap of 5 years.

so 1. Big Robbins 7th edition. 2. Medium Robbins 8th edition

also there is something they call "Baby Robbins" here but dont be fooled. It is a concise version of the BIG robbins, not an entirely different book.

In most govt schools to pass the prof you will need one good book and one concise book. Everyone besides toppers are strongly advised in their own interest to use Medium Robbins and whatever local author book is available in your college that the rest of the students use. For those who can give 3 hours a day everyday of the year to just pathology and plan on topping and getting super high marks and becoming a pathologist... Big Robbins all the way! (1500 pages)
okay okay Sir...thanks for the KIND info...#wink
oh yes i agree with jsut reading basic but i do read basis sometime..alot of students use basic and baby basis to cover both in my instituite...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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