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Hello dear members!

I joined recently to medstudentz and this is my first post and am very confused and nervous.
I am joining Army medical college as an army cadet and recently the registration for AMC cadet has been open.
In the registration form i had to enter my marks obtained from my Matric (O'levels) and Intermediate (A'levels) marks.
Since I am living in the UAE (PS. I am a national of Pakistan) I did my O'levels and A's levels from UA E and I am currently doing A Levels now and the result of A level exams will come in August.

(I got 1 A , 5 B's and 1 C ( not too good ) and got All 3 "A" in my A's Level examinations)

Now the registration in Army medical college as a cadet requires me to give my scores as IBCC. so I have to choose "IBCC" as a board and enter my marks obtained.
My question is, can my A's Levels along with O'Level can be converted to IBCC marks (Excluding A Level grades)? Do I have to wait for my A level results and include it?

Now I am scared because the Army medical college registeration might get close by August. I cannot wait till August. I have to apply by this month. If that happens then i will have to wait till next April - May 2015 :(

Your help is really appreciated and I hope to see positive answers. I believe my post can help people having similar problems.

May Allah Bless you All!
Thank you!


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