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Can you transfer between medical schools in different countries?

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering, can a first year medical student from the UK transfer to a medical school in Pakistan and continue their studies without having to start from all over again, if you get what I mean. So for instance, if a student has completed his/her first year medical studies in the UK, can they transfer to second year medicine in Pakistan?

Thanks =)
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I don't know of any official process for it, but you can always get in touch with the schools and find out. They might just make you apply as a regular candidate.
Yea but I can't re-apply as a regular candidate because I have just finished my A levels and didn't take physics because here in the UK physics isn't compulsory but it is in Pakistan.
hmm, yeah that would definitely make things more difficult. That requirement is VERY hard to get around, and I don't know anyone who successfully done it.
No physics, no admission is basically what anyone will tell you at the IBCC office and you won't be getting any advanced standing for being a medical student elsewhere unless you specifically are able to arrange something through the school you wish to transfer to.
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