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I am going to be applying for medical schools in Islamabad for 2018 after I finish my undergraduate degree here in Canada. I was wondering which schools are the best for someone who has not spent alot of time in Pakistan? The last time I was there was when I was 6 years old so I want a school that would give me a smooth transition.

My brother currently attends Fauji Foundation and my parents want me to attend too but that school seems a bit strict? They make the girls cover their hair and wear specific uniform. Is this normal for Pakistani schools? I honestly don't know much about Pakistan :S

I was looking into Shifa but the school requires you to come for an interview even if you are an international student where as foundation does not.
Are there other schools that don't require an interview for international students? Like does Islamabad medical and dental college require you to come for an interview? It would be hard for me to go to Pakistan that early.

Any help would be amazing! Some of the websites are not very clear.

My end goal is to come back and practice in North America if that helps!

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yea shifa would probably be the best, since apparently they help prepare for the usmle, which in your case is very important
you could try Aga khan, but its in Karachi and it might be harder to get into
I guess you could try Dow international medical college which only accept foreigners, so it may be easier for you to fit in since everyone will be wanting to back to the country they came from
I think pretty much all the colleges have interviews which are weighted in the final merit but I could be wrong
Also i think interviews are a great way to get to see what kind of teachers are there and also a great way to express yourself to make yourself stand out

nah I don't think all colleges have uniforms and force girls to cover their hair ect, just depends on the college

hope I helped! :)
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