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Anyone can help me here

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first of all i wanted to say hi for every one in this forum
am a new member here and am seeking help from those who's got the experince ......

am a 3rd year dental Student here in the United Arab Emirates and i want to specialize and practice in the US (if possible)

what am asking for is how this process done ??
what should i do and what tests i have to take and if it can be done before my graduation in 2009 (hopfuly) ...... ??
who decides what can i get specialized in ... is my marks or the university or just as i wish

lastly (and most important) >>>>> how much do i need till i start practicing (estemated)????

hope i could find some answers in this fourms #grin

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Ziad, Answers to all your questions are in the thread labeled. "Becoming a dentist from a non accredited US-CA School and Coming back to the States." Please read it thoroughly, and also visit the links posted. They will explain the whole process.
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