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American citizen - How to get into KEMC

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Hi everyone. I'm Sarah, and i will be a senior for the 2007/2008 school year. I have a lot of family in Lahore, and my father attended KEMC, and he also wants me to go there. I am really confused as to what I need to do to get admission in King Edwards. I have already taken the
SAT I, but I have not taken the SAT II, do I need to? Also, is there anything I should be doing right now in the summer to prepare? Also, when I graduate high school this coming June, where do I send my diploma and transcripts? AND lol do I need to take the 'entry test' ? I would really appreciate some help on this bc I am soo lost. Tell me anything u known about getting into KEMC as a foreign student. Thanks a bunch!
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chilllax and enjoy your summer away!!!!
Ok thanks to both of you for your help #happy .
I just have one more question, when should I go to Pakistan to start all of this stuff, like right after my graduation in June 2008?
Yup, you'll need a lot of time to get everything done.
Thanks so much MastahRiz #happy !
Yup, you'll need a lot of time to get everything done.
How much time exactly?
How long the IBCC takes in processing everything is really the biggest factor in it all. Technically they say that their entire equivalence procedure takes no more than 7 days but I've seen it take up to a month to two months in some cases. It's better to be safe than sorry so I'd recommend everyone try to get into Pakistan at least 2 months before the application deadline so that you have some time to get used to everything and plenty of time to fill out your required paperwork.
Thanks Rehan! Does anyone know which month school starts at King Edwards?
Also, I forgot that I had another question lol. What kind of grades do you need to have to get around a 900 for the IBCC? Bc I read in another forum that to get into KE you need at least a 900, and I am a bit worried that I won't get that high.. Throughout high school I have never had any lower than a B, but most of my grades are A's. Do you think I have a chance to get in to KE?
Salam all,

Sarah_1018, to extent that I am aware, the only way for a U.S. high school graduate to attain marks greater than or equal to 900 is to take Advanced Placement (AP) tests and attain a score of a 5 on one or several of these tests. The only subjects the IBCC considers for AP tests, however, are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. They will take one additional score from another subject, but they won't use all your AP scores (unless they're from the the four required ones listed above), just one of the other subjects in which you scored highest.

Based on my calculations, to score above a 900 you need to get a 5 on 3-4 of these AP tests. I scored a 5 on four AP tests and a 4 on one of them, and my IBCC score came out to 912, which is just above 900.

I don't mean for this information to be discouraging. Just because you don't score over a 900 doesn't mean you won't make it in. If you look at the admissions list this year (2007-2008), a majority of those who made it in to government colleges had scores in the 800 range (800 to just below 900). You should definitely apply if you're confident in your grades because every year people don't take their seats and the EAD or the HEC publish new lists redistributing seats and giving those who didn't make it in the first time a new chance to possibly get in.
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smeer's pretty much right.........about the whole AP for the equivalency grades you should have 900 or above if u wana be sure.. i had 894 and i got in KE someone else with an 881 got into ke as well.......but that depends upon luck
Hey Sarah_1018 i guess that i'll be joining you in Pakistan cuas i m also applying for medical colleges overther....for 2008
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