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All newly admitted Shifa College students, read this!

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If you've been admitted into the Shifa College of Medicine Class of 2012 please PM with your full name and whether I should contact you via PM or over e-mail so that we can get you your official Shifa College e-mail address setup for you. If you want me to contact you on your e-mail account, include that in the PM.

Once you have a Shifa e-mail address you can use that for all official and personal correspondence and its an easy way to e-mail others at school since everyone else's e-mail addresses can be found through the central server.

And welcome to Shifa :)
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Great stuff.

I got mine already. It really makes a difference to have a professional email address that you can use when applying for research and clinical electives.
Great! I got mine too thanks to Rehan brother. But have some queries about it, would like to ask through personal message or chat. #happy
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