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Al Aleem Medical College

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Need reviews on Al Aleem Medical College in Lahore. Anyone here who studies there?
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I m so glad somebody asked it. I Want it's answer too
Need reviews on Al Aleem Medical College in Lahore. Anyone here who studies there?
Need reviews on Al Aleem Medical College in Lahore. Anyone here who studies there?
I am a 3rd year student of Al Aleem Medical College . Its been only 5 years since its inauguration but it is already being considered one of the best private medical schools in Lahore. Following are some points that'll give you an insight about it
1. It is affiliated with UHS and you get admitted according to the latest policy of pmc/pmdc i.e mdcat score ,fsc/alevel score and matric/olevels score. Last year, the cut off aggregate was around 87% (it keeps on changing though). Also recognized by IMED and ECFMG for usmle and plab etc.
2. Now the most important thing about this college are its teaching hospitals i.e Gulab devi hospital and the children hospital; one almost a ninety year old semi-govt 1500 bedded hospital with an average opd reaching almost 2000 poor patients per day and the other 1000 beddèd govt paeds hospital in the heart of Lahore. Generally, private med schools don't have such huge, old and busy hospitals. So, you can get a very good hands on experience & exposure of patients here. Our clinical rotations begin in the first year(unlike other colleges). Currently, the hospital is offering fcps training in around 12 different specialties and is growing e.g, state of the art gynae tower has been constructed recently.
3. Facilities at college include, cafe, book shop, gym, library, boys and girls hostel.
4. The faculty is very good and cooperative. They all have experiences of govt med colleges . Besides studying, we do have societies like dramatics, debating, arts &literary that have now begun to organize multiple events at college and in some of these, students of other colleges are also being hosted. But since its a relatively new college ,so, it will take some time to flourish and set a tradition.
5.Now, the infrastructure of the college. The college's new state of the art building is under construction (within the premises of gulab devi hospital; its a huge area spread over approximately 55 acres in the heart of Lahore) . Hopefully, it'll be completed within a year or two from now. Its a spacious building and comprises of a huge library. There is an extensive stadium right next to the college's new building. Two swimming pools are also to be constructed. The college's admin department and some other departments have become functional in college's new building.
6. We have a research office in college that can help you out in your postgrad or CVs.
7. Lastly, the environment of the college. It has all types of kids i.e middle class, paindus and alevels burgers from well off families but my batch is filled with paindus😛. However, junior batches have more burgers :). The college is not too liberal e.g dancing category is only reserved for boys in events, boys and girls usually don't sit beside each other during lecture and only boys were invited for cricket screening in auditorium. But also not conservative or strict i.e you can wear jeans, tights, nailpaint, jewellery (rings, bracelets) etc, and can freely hang around in college with the opposite gender.

Need reviews on Al Aleem Medical College in Lahore. Anyone here who studies there?
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