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Although I am a Pakistani citizen, I have completed high school in the US, and am now in my first year at college there doing pre-med. However, I want to apply to AKU and if I get in, I wish to get out of the US system and go for a MBBS at AKU and save 2 years of my life.

Anyhow, I emailed the Admissions Office about requirements for overseas applicants, and they said :

Please note that it is mandatory for students who have done grade 12
through American / Canadian system of education to have a minimum GPA of
3.25 or 85% marks. They are required to have biology, chemistry and
physics in their High School. They are also required to submit SAT II in
three subjects: biology, chemistry and physics. Minimum requirement is a
score of 700 in each subject. Advance
Placement (AP) is also acceptable
in lieu of SAT II in the above mentioned subjects. The minimum score
required is 4 in each subject. Combination of both (SAT II and AP) is
not acceptable.
My question is that I heard from people here that you can submit SAT II Mathmatics instead of Physics. Is that really true? and if so, how can I get this exemption?

I have taken Physics in high school, but never took the SAT II in it. I have taken the SATII in Mathmatics 2c (the hard one), Chemistry, and Biology and got over 700 in all three. Now as I'm already in college in the US, I really dont want to have to take SATII in Physics.

If any one here been able to submit Math scores instead of Physics? Please let me know.


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what 3 SAT II subject tests are required for Aga Khan?

i read somewhere that Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are required, but other places say that Mathematics may substitute one of the 3. Which is correct?

Required: chem and bio
3rd subject you decide.
this is why im confuzed
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