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Please only people with the knowledge of paki schools pls respond, or trying to get in.
I am about to graduate with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer engineering, computer science. I have taken the mcat and have a 3.5 gpa. I have been apart of muslim students association, pakistani students association, ieee, american medical students association, a theater related club, a debate related club, and apart of american marketing association, and have around 200 hours of volunteering at a hospital. I am certified in emergency medical technican. My question is since I have a decent gpa and a score that surpasses the mcat requirement, with a decent amount of extra curricular, what is my chance at aku for an interview? For any of you who have taken or know of someone who has, could you tell me what the interview is like, what they look for specifically. Also I have had an internship with Exxonmobil, and pfizer.
My main goal is to become a doctor, and being an engineer, I was thinking that it would stand out in front of the other applicants.
Biggest Question:
My college grades, are very solid and have gotten good internships, but my highschool isnt. Will they ask for anything from highschool like grades or courses taken? Do I even need to mention anything from highschool on the application?

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