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Jefter Wills Poultry Farm is the best online Poultry Farm where you can buy the best African grey parrot online at great price, we are the biggest suppliers of parrots, The African Grey parrot, is a favourite among parrot owners. They are known best for their exceptional speaking and vocal capability. A grey body, black beak and striking reddish tail create for a bright, extremely intelligent parrot. The Timneh Grey is an African American subspecies. They're smaller in size and have a darker gray body, a coloured beak and maroon tail. African Grey parrots are shy and cautious but once the caregiver wins their trust and love, they are committed and loyal companions. These lovely Congo African grey parrots are now available for sale to the public and will come with appropriate paperwork. The African Grey is the biggest of the African Grey parrots for sale, sporting a lighter grey color in its plumage, and a strong black beak. The African gray parrot isn't just a high talker -this bird is also famous for its extreme intelligence, which provides them the moniker" The Einsteins of the Bird World." Congo African gray Parrots are capable of amassing vocabularies up to 1000 words or longer, and using the words they know to talk in context African greys need plenty of toys which challenge their intelligence, like foraging and puzzle toys.
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