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Asslamu ALikum

I hope I find everyone in a good state of health.
I know some what of the procees of applying to medical school on a foreign seats, but some things are confusing and I can understand them. So I am hoping that you guys can help me.

1. I graduated high school from united states and have also completed my B.S.C here in united states. I had never taken any AP or IB classes in high school, can I still apply for medical school in Pakistan BTW if I did not complete any educational requirement at my high school I am 100% positive that I have completed all the requirement in my bachelors.

2. I cant find a link form where to download the application for Pakistan Technical Assistance programme (PTAP) , Self Finance Scheme (SFS).

3. What should I do first submit my application of the above mentioned programs or take the entry test first. because i think with the application i have to send my entry test scores.

4. I dont plan on taking sat or anything I just want to take the entry test for the respective schools, is this okay or I have to take both since I am a foreign student.

5. What are the respective deadline for the application to be complete. and please don't tell me check the school website they have nothing and if they do it is not updated for 2013. how to register for this entry test.

I plan on applying for the public and private sector both.

please let me know and give me as much details as you can I will really appreicate
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