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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I am an overseas Pakistani (with PAK nationality) student with perfect grades in IGCSE, A Levels and SAT-II exams. I will be applying to private and public medical colleges in Pakistan for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. Assuming I can pay the fees for overseas candidates in both schools, I am...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Is there any news regarding CIP?
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    was wondering if any of you know what's going on with shifa's merit lists? the first one was supposed to be released on november 29th, but there's nothing yet.
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, my name is Bushra Aziz and I'll be applying to Shifa Medical College this year so I thought it would be nice to get to know you guys and maybe we can help each other out a little bit. If you guys are interested I created a fb group and can add you directly to it.
  5. Introductions
    Hi, my name is Bushra Aziz and I'll be applying to Shifa Medical College this year so I thought it would be nice to get to know you guys and maybe we can help each other out a little bit. If you guys are interested I created a fb group and can add you directly to it.
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I'm a student from Doha, if any of you guys have accurate info regarding the closing merit of CMH/Shifa/pmdc kindly inform, please!
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey, anyone here from IMDC? Actually I`m applying for admission in IMDC but heard about some things there at IMDC, like there is some sort of much strictness there at IMDC like you are heavily fined for missing a class or a test (there are lot of tests like one every 2nd 3rd day?) its much like...
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So this new HEC as majority have said Includes whole of fsc so physics and chemistry you can add the rest of the chapters and english I've heard Is pretty basic but I guess NUMs and MCAT words can help but the main syllabus problem I'm facing Is about Biology so since Plants Chapter and Kingdom...
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aslamoalaekum, Ok so guys i'm currently doing my A levels from Islamabad, currently in AS so i still have a year before i appear for my Medical College tests and etc. I just had a few queries. Firstly, about the AKU's(Agha Khan University) tuition fee, although, i have seen the fee structure on...
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Shalamr Girls Hostel in I/8 Sector Islamabad I got into Shifa but the hostels ran out and I might have to stay there for the time being Any sort of information would be appreciated :)
  11. Pakistan Medical Schools
    You guys, SZABMU will no longer be handling admissions for the following universities: Al-Nafees Medical College Fazaia Medical College Islamic International Dental College Shifa College of Medicine and Foundation University Medical & Dental College They are however going to be handling...
  12. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been looking into the dilemma that is my acceptance. I have visited both AKU and SCM, and found hostel accommodations and the such kind of negligible, since my living standards will likely remain the same. Which college do you think I should...
  13. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So the Shifa entry test is 2 weeks away, and I'm not prepared. :D There's usually a thread like this, but with no clear answers. So if anyone has taken the test before, please give me details about the question style/type/topics/difficulty, or if anyone is preparing, how are you preparing and...
  14. Pakistan Medical Schools
    idk if there is a thread already for this, but I can't really find any that are recent. I wanted to start one, and hope that other international applicants can respond. I'm kinda nervous because I keep seeing more locals applying on foreign seats and the competition keeps getting more difficult...
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Looking for a detaild discussion about the merits and demerits of studying MBBS in Shifa, the value of its degree compared to UHS degree, its alumni, difference in syllabus and teaching method. Why do they charge so much for hostel accomodation? are they worth it ?
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So apparently there is a UHS style test introduced for admission into colleges in ISB. It's mandatory to give to be eligible to apply to the following colleges: 1.FMDC 2.Shifa 3.IMDC 4.FUMC 5.Riphah...
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hey guys! I am going to be living in a girls hostel most likely in one of islamabad's or Lahore's med colleges. Im just really curious to what life is like over there, I am a foreign student. I know a lot about dorms in like USA and Canada you know, its like having your own apartment almost...
  18. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I for one found a great lack of information pertaining to previous merits on foreign seats in private unis, and thus id really be thankful if someone told me what was the opening/closing merits of Shalamar and Shifa last year on the foreign seat . provide the same info for other unis for other...
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Salam I recently sat for the MCAT in 2015 and achieved and overall aggregate of 86.18% meaning that I will most certainly make it to a govt college in Punjab. Though from Lahore, I will most certainly not be getting an admission in my hometown but I might just have a chance for Rawalpindi...
  20. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys. Whoever has 80+ aggregate please share them here. Even if it is with Sat2. Then we can determine who gets into which colg. My preference for mbbs is this: 1 Shifa 2 Cmh 3 Shalimar 4 fmh 5 lmdc
1-20 of 30 Results