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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aoa people Until recently both cmh and shalamar were my top choices for mbbs but now that cmh is affiliated with NUMS, and it has put me in quite a bit of confusion. This thread is to clear my own queries as well of those who are considering studying in these colleges ....i think both colleges...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Guys i have an aggregate of 84.9%, can i make it in shalamars 1st merit list? As i need finacial aid on foreign seat.
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Anyone here who got accepted in Shalamar Medical and Dental College???:cautious::cautious:
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I for one found a great lack of information pertaining to previous merits on foreign seats in private unis, and thus id really be thankful if someone told me what was the opening/closing merits of Shalamar and Shifa last year on the foreign seat . provide the same info for other unis for other...
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys i need some serious help, my UHS aggregate is 81.55 something, i am thinking about applying to Shalamar and Shifa. my problem is i am really looking forward to USMLE and residency in US, also studies mean more to me than parties :?. Which one should i apply to? Which has better faculty...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    The First Merit List is OUT. And, the merit has closed at around 83.45% UHS Aggregate, which is for the top 100 candidates for the 85 Open Merit Seats. Congratulations on my behalf to everyone who got in. So, how many of you got in and, how many are...
1-6 of 6 Results