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  1. Med Studentz Lounge
    Hello people so i was curious about the increase in seats by UHS which i have been hearing from past few months but not sure if its confirmed or just some rumor. As on another place i read that RMC has increased seats from 300 to 350. So please tell me if this is true. And if it is then how is...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Assalamoalaikum everyone. I am new to this forum but I have a lot to ask you and not a lot of time. I am facing the same dilemma as "Stereo" is facing. My aggreagate is 90.4995 percent. I want to go to King Edward Medical University more than I want anything else in the entire world. Going to...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey. I have just given the uhs exam two days back. I am expecting my aggregate to be above 87% (well the key shows so, but still waiting for the official result to come out for exact figures). Now this has put me in a confusion. My amc aggregate is good enough to get me through if not on open...
1-3 of 3 Results