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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Which of these two hospitals is best for internal medicine residency if one plans to give MRCP after training? Also what is the difference between the 2-year and 4-year tracks in internal medicine residency at Aga khan and what track will be the best for MRCP. Thanks
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aoa, i am in a very worrisome state nowadays because i can't decide whether to go abroad for residency or stay in pakistan. My parents are emotionally dependant on me, that's why deciding is hard for me. My ultimate goal is to become a competent doctor and work in pakistan but i have heard from...
  3. Beyond Med School
    Are you an IMG matching in the near future? Here is a good read:
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Many have asked about being Matched into a Residency program in the USA. Here is a good read..
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Is there anyone who is willing to apply in Pakistan Navy ? Or is there anyone here in Navy? I would like to know which year would be more suitable to apply in Navy. The last date for registration is 29th November, till then I'll wait for suggestion. :)
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey. I need help as to how to get into residency training in Dubai post-MBBS for Cardiac Surgery? Any links would be helpful. Also, the pays and salaries etc for doctors there.
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Salaam guys. I was just wondering what sort of residencies are possible to match in USA after graduating from Shifa and passing the USMLE Step 1. Also, In the U.S we apply to residencies in the 4th year of medical school- which is the last year before you graduate. So should I apply to the...
1-7 of 7 Results