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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    What SAT-2 scores would be safe or ideal to get admission in a good government/private medical college in Pakistan on foreign quota, like Dow Medical College/Dow International, Liaquat National, Shifa Medical or Ziauddin? I know 550 was the minimum set by PMDC last year but what scores in BIO...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I got selected for MBBS in Shalamar Medical and Dental College and also in Wah Medical College. I live in Lahore but I am still unable to decide which one should I go for. Any suggestion will be appreciated. :)
  3. Introductions name is Fatima and I wanted to know about admission in private medical I got 769 in matric and 721 in fsc and 362 in mcat my total aggregate is 50% can I get admission in private medical colleges even on self finance and also tell me the minimum requirement for mcat score to get...
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Assalam o alaikum, I'm new here and I need urgent help in what are the merits for private colleges in Punjab for foreign students? I will really appreciate the help
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hello im ishaq i was student of premedical in dubai studying an Indian board i got my results as 67.4% in FSC i want to study for MBBS in pakistan and i gave SAT 2 i got 540 in chemistry :( 510 in biology-E :( 610 in physics but according to PMDC website they require minimum of 550 in each...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Anyone here who got accepted in Shalamar Medical and Dental College???:cautious::cautious:
  7. Introductions
    Aoa, I got 860 marks in matric , 770 marks in fsc and 483 marks in uhs. i just wanted to know that can i get admission into any medical private medical college in lahore? like fmh,shalimar,cmh,university of Lahore medical or any please help i am so disturbed.
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    - Assalam u Allaikum! I have applied for Fmh. Well, I'm curious about the Test they are going to conduct on 14 Oct. Can anyone guide me about it! Please! - Moreover, other medical colleges also have tests is there any particular difference among them? - And what is the syllabus or particular...
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys i have 81.55% Uhs aggregate. That is 793/900 Matric, 960/1100 Fsc and 832/1100 Mcat. My CMH aggregate up until now is 72.000 something. Please keep in mind i want to apply for residency in USA :P, also i may wanna try out CSS at the end as well :P. Anyway i called CMH and they said...
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys i need some serious help, my UHS aggregate is 81.55 something, i am thinking about applying to Shalamar and Shifa. my problem is i am really looking forward to USMLE and residency in US, also studies mean more to me than parties :?. Which one should i apply to? Which has better faculty...
  11. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I got 840 in Matric, 791 in Fsc and 765 in MCAT, my aggregate is 71.53% :(:cry: Family pressures are getting to me and my own psyche, I really want to get into a Private Medical College. Can someone suggest me some? Reputable ones. Not 'Waste-your-money' types:thumbsup::woot::thumbsup::(
  12. Introductions
    Hey everyone.. I belong to Quetta balochistan .. please if anyone could guide me..Firstly tell me fee structure of Al shifa medical college islamabad .. and some names of private medical colleges for MBBS . i have scored 67% in FSC 78% in matric.. tell me some colleges according to my marks.
  13. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hey ........hope all of you will be in good health.I have paid my fee at lmdc.I started the thread to introduce ourselves all those who have taken admissions or are going to take soon............lets start our we can deal with raggers with unity.......:D:cool!::mad::):P:!: -...
  14. Pakistan Medical Schools aggregate is 75% and i want suggestions for mbbs in private sector in punjab and especially in isb,rwp...
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    My UHS aggregate is 81.7%. and i don't think i'll get any seat in govt. medical colleges and i don't wanna waste a whole year. So please recommend me some medical colleges best for my aggregate. Please help. Confused a lot :?
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Well, my aggregate is 64.9. 814 in fsc.. Any chances to get admission in private medical colleges in Lahore without donations? But no bds,i want to go for mbbs
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hi, I just wanted to confirm whether or not AKU is a private medical college? If it is, can a foreign student apply for the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP) and the Self Finance Scheme (SFS) and be admitted into AKU or are both of these programs only for public Pakistani medical...
  18. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I know skzmdc has a fee structure of 2 lakh per year, but apart from them is there any other private medical college with a reasonable fee structure?
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    i have a matric score of 726 fsc score of 810 and mcat score of 699 ...can u please tell me which medical college can i get admission in...they can be private and government ...especially please tell if there is chance for admission in CMH , FMH , LMDC and Shalamar medical college
1-19 of 19 Results