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  1. The Pre-Med Life
    Hi my name is Dr Remo I'm 99th percentile MCAT student. During my MCAT preparation I made notes, Sheets, study schedules and right now also providing tutoring sessions and course. All the affordable MCAT resources I made are available on my website Thanks in advance You can...
  2. The Pre-Med Life
    Hi! I'm a first year Med student at UCSF. I graduated from UW and was in the 96th percentile for the MCAT with a 36. I've spent hundreds of hours compiling the most relevant materials that you need into one single packet that is just 96 pages. You can check-out a free preview of up to 40%...
  3. The Pre-Med Life
    Hi folks! Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this post -- I wanted to take a second to let you know about a new PCAT prep app for iPhone/iPod Touch that’s been released via iTunes: it is called PCAT. and has been developed by Sprokit, Inc. It is really useful and a very efficient way to...
1-3 of 3 Results