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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen and I have lived almost my entire life in Canada. I'm considering to apply to medical schools in Pakistan. It seems like a really daunting process to me. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me and would like to discuss/talk about it so we can make an...
  2. The Pre-Med Life
    Hello, I'm from Pak, residing in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. I did O levels with A A A A* A* B and got like 55% in my 1st year due to change of board (now federal) and i know they're very less for Medical :/ I have finished my 2nd year, awaiting the result and Im confused if Pak Unis will take me as...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    As-Salamu Alaikum I've found this website very helpful because of the informative comments by the users. I need some advice about where I should apply for Medical School. By the way, I am eligible to apply on the foreign and local seats of all the institutions. Some of them won't allow me to...
1-3 of 3 Results