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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    What SAT-2 scores would be safe or ideal to get admission in a good government/private medical college in Pakistan on foreign quota, like Dow Medical College/Dow International, Liaquat National, Shifa Medical or Ziauddin? I know 550 was the minimum set by PMDC last year but what scores in BIO...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    We called Sargodha medical College administration today. The guy told us, that SMC isn't issuing call letters to overseas students notified in UHS merit list, cause SMC admits its own overseas Students at a cost of US $ 7000 per year under University of Sargodha. They supposedly have notified...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey! I'm an A level student in Dubai doing Edexcel board. I would like to come back to Pakistan for Medical and I'm interested in getting admitted to Aga Khan Medical College. I would be really glad if someone could help me regarding these: -Will I be considered an overseas or foreign student...
1-3 of 3 Results