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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    share ur merit number and any guess about the closing merit of nustians,paying cadets,bds and applied sciences!
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi everyone. I took the NET-3 in July this year and only got 130/200. What's more, my dad is a retired army major but I (foolishly) didn't apply as a paying cadet. :\ So, I wanted to ask a couple of things:- 1) If I have 804/900 in my SSC equivalence and 970/1100 in HSSC equivalence, is it even...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    my aggregate is 84.24!.....what are my chances to get a paying cadet seat?and when is the merit list announced every year? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    when is nust merit list declared every year nd initial list is based on only net marks or the aggregate?
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey, Im an international student (just got over with my alevels) and wanna sign up for the NET 3 to apply as a local student. However, I'm not sure of which fee option to choose, i.e 35$ and 3000rupees options,both are available, how do they differ ?
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    may b we can estimate our chances this way:P
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    their is a site which says following stuff by the name NUST IMPORTANT ANALOGIES :?!I didnt understand what tha heck is it! GARBLED-COMPREHEND==obscured-recognize HEAT-CALORIMETER==distance-odometer ALLY-WAR==teammate-game EAVESDROP-CONVERSATION==trespass-property PALPABLE-TOUCH==pliable-mold...
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    my nust test is on 28 march afternoon! i have once prepared for everything but m having a feeling as if m forgetting all!how to i revise all that in this time!any ready made schedule will b appreciated :p
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hi,i m gonna apply as a paying cadet for amc as my father was in navy and looking forward to give net 2 but have a little confusion.wanna ask if i donot get the only seat for navy paying cadet then will i be considered for open merit that is as a civilian if my marks are high enough!and whats...
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    is it true that nust net 2 is easier than net 3? should i prefer net 2 to net 3 just caz of this reason!
  11. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey all! Anyone who applied to Applied Bio sciences program at NUST and plans to go in, please share your merit positions here! So we can get an idea about our chances... I, for one, got merit position 739 despite scoring 5% higher than my last attempt...
  12. The Pre-Med Life
    my problem is that i have been selected for bs applied biosciences in nust and it seems really promising because afterall its nust! But my parents want me to go in foundation medical college and do MBBS despite all the money it demands. I am really confused.. what should i opt for? can there be...
  13. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Did someone get in on the SAT national seat?
  14. The Pre-Med Life
    hello everyone! :) i am facing a serious crisis. I didn't do so well in my entrance test of NUST which gave me a total aggregate of 72.66% only.:cry: Still i really want to get admission for the bs applied biosciences programme. Does anyone know if i'll be eligible? if you do then please help...
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    A.O.A I want to know that with 70% marks in NET,do I have any chances of getting admission in BS Applied Biosciences in NUST?
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Does anyone know the closing aggregate % of last year for NUST FOREIGN cadets in Amc? Link for last years merit list? Method to calculate the aggregate is: 10% matric, 40% fsc and 50% SAT score right? I want to know how to calculate the aggregate percentage exactly and last years closing...
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Assalam-o-Alikum It is my first thread on this site.It is a very helpful site for Medical Students... thus,it inspired me to do something special and helpful for all of YOU:) i have a collection of MCQs posted by the students who gave Nust Net-1 Test. Certainly these Questions would be helpful...
1-17 of 17 Results