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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello. I’m extremely confused and don’t know which medical college I should opt for and have only two days to decide. Can someone please educate me on which is best faculty wise, hospital wise, campus and social life wise. Also, which one is the most reputable of the lot? Recognised by US and...
  2. United States Medical Schools
    Hello Everyone ! Hope so you all 'll be doing good , Actually i am doing statistic project, in which i am conducting the survey and i need responses from the student community so i 'll be very thankful to you people if anyone fills this. It 'll hardly take 1-2 mins, Topic of survey is "Impact of...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Which Private Medical College is Best and Will Give Admission easily if aggregate is more than 80. Cmh, Lmdc , Imdc , shifa
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello, I am a Canadian Pakistani I have done high school in Pakistan, and I am wanting to apply to medical schools in Pakistan, I dont know if I have grades high enough for the government sector, and private universities are a bit too expensive. I was wondering if I could get OSAP for private...
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Where would i be able to purchase original medical books in Lahore?
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys, thought I'd start a thread for all those who are applying or have been accepted into Ziauddin for this years session. We should start a WhatsApp group too. DM me your number and ill add you to the group chat.
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Can anyone tell me how life in Ayub Medical College is like? Do foreigners fit in there pretty easily? How are the hostels like for girls? I heard gov. hostels aren't good, is that true?
  8. Introductions
    Can anyone tell me how life in Ayub Medical College is like? Do foreigners fit in there pretty easily? How are the hostels like for girls? I heard gov. hostels aren't good, is that true?
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So this new HEC as majority have said Includes whole of fsc so physics and chemistry you can add the rest of the chapters and english I've heard Is pretty basic but I guess NUMs and MCAT words can help but the main syllabus problem I'm facing Is about Biology so since Plants Chapter and Kingdom...
  10. Introductions
    well i guess this was some mandatory post lol. so few months back i started searching for medical colleges and admissions online like which one is preferred over the otherr and then came across this site and found it veryy helpful and will surely be using it to ask for advice :) oh well the...
  11. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aslamoalaekum, Ok so guys i'm currently doing my A levels from Islamabad, currently in AS so i still have a year before i appear for my Medical College tests and etc. I just had a few queries. Firstly, about the AKU's(Agha Khan University) tuition fee, although, i have seen the fee structure on...
  12. Med Studentz Lounge
    Pakistan has been known as a country that has least amount of adaptability when it comes to technological advancements. Over the past few years the talented teenagers have risen to the occasion & have taken the technological advancements in Pakistan to new heights. Apart from R&D in Artificial...
  13. Medical Students Area
    I was recently asked by my little brother as to which medical field will suite him the most. The problem here is he is interested in joining DOW University but unfortunately his percentage allows him self financed studies in BDS. Wheres, he can opt for MBBS in KMDC.......? I would appreciate...
  14. Introductions
    Hi, everyone this is sami khan from Karachi, Pakistan. An Enthusiastic HR Professional with good medical knowledge...! Currently associated with the finest online medical store in Pakistan. Looking for opportunities to share knowledge with all the members of this forum...!
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been looking into the dilemma that is my acceptance. I have visited both AKU and SCM, and found hostel accommodations and the such kind of negligible, since my living standards will likely remain the same. Which college do you think I should...
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So the Shifa entry test is 2 weeks away, and I'm not prepared. :D There's usually a thread like this, but with no clear answers. So if anyone has taken the test before, please give me details about the question style/type/topics/difficulty, or if anyone is preparing, how are you preparing and...
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I need help to know about the site form where I can buy Medical books. The books are difficult to fine. Is there any site of place where I can able to fine books?
  18. Introductions
    Hello every one this is Najeeb Jarwar form Hyderabad Pakistan, I m medical student in Liaquat university of medical Health Sciences Jamshoro, currently I m studying in 3rd professional MBBS, I want to be surgeon and thinking about appearing in PLAB & AMC, other then medical I m keen interested...
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Got your conformation letter ? Nice , Congratulation ! lets not enter into a class full of strangers , shall we ? get to know each other here ! I'm Faheem Faisal, If accepted will be coming all the way from land of the people who are in bed at 9-10 pm sharp xD Islamabad ! Next 5 years next to...
  20. Introductions
    Hello everyone. I wanted to ask this question. I have passed my matriculation by 98%Marks. Now I am trying to search for a Best Medical college not In Pakistan But in any other foreign country in which I can do the Pre-Medical and then medical. So Does anyone of you know that " IS THERE ANY...
1-20 of 38 Results