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  1. United States Medical Schools
    Studying in the US is too much costly as compare to other countries. You need to pass many entrance exam before entering the US medical colleges and universities. Tuition and fees cost more than $63000 for each semester for the MD Degree Program. Before applying to any medical school, you need...
  2. Medical Students Area
    I was recently asked by my little brother as to which medical field will suite him the most. The problem here is he is interested in joining DOW University but unfortunately his percentage allows him self financed studies in BDS. Wheres, he can opt for MBBS in KMDC.......? I would appreciate...
  3. Chinese Medical Schools
    About Xian Jiaotong Medical University. Preliminary requisite: 1. Under 35 years of age, & with good health status. 2. Valid ordinary passport. 3. High school / senior secondary or advanced diploma. Application time: August to November (every year)...
  4. Chinese Medical Schools
    xian jiaotong medical university, admissions here started so if interested let me know i can help you get admission. our university is recognized by PMDC and listed under WHO.....its been more than 17 years our university accept foreign students, for further questions you can contact through...
  5. Chinese Medical Schools
    hi, currently admissions in china's medical universities are open.........Gud luck
1-5 of 5 Results