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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I have an aggregate of 76 after MDCAT 2022. Is it enough to secure admission to any private dental college?
  2. Other International Medical Schools
    Need Valuable Information.
  3. United States Medical Schools
    Please share full details to join medical college in USA!
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Is there anyone out there who is a student at LMDC? Because I would really like to know about the hostel timings, the curfews, the rules (hope there aren't many :() Any sort of help would be appreciated!:)
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    what are the minimum grades required in A levels to get admission in medical college. this time O levels grades will not be added right?
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys! I am currently a senior in high school. I am from the USA. I planning to go to medical college in Pakistan but plan to do residency back here. My stats are 1440 on SAT I and 750 on SAT II BIO. I am going to take the other tests later in the year. Which is a good medical college for...
  7. The Pre-Med Life
    I have four A's, three A* and 1 E in O levels and three D's in A levels. Is it possible for me to get admitted to any medical university in Karachi with these grades? If yes, then please tell me what minimum MCAT score is required with these grades to get into MBBS program.
  8. Med Studentz Lounge
    Hello people so i was curious about the increase in seats by UHS which i have been hearing from past few months but not sure if its confirmed or just some rumor. As on another place i read that RMC has increased seats from 300 to 350. So please tell me if this is true. And if it is then how is...
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I got my equivalency done sometime ago and the issue that occurred was that I had taken ESL english in grade 9. IBCC is not counting it as a valid english course. I don't understand why since it was an english course and there was nothing wrong with it. I have completed my university from Canada...
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys, I am a canadian citizen and I am trying to apply to medical colleges in Pakistan. I have booked my Sat 2 exam for June. I will get my equivalency done as well. I need help with applying through SFS and PTAP. I am unable to find the forms and not sure of the process. I will really...
  11. Med Studentz Lounge
    i have successfully secured my seat in ameer ud din medical college,lahore and army medical college , rawalpindi. which should i join and why?
  12. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hiiii, I had this question, I started studying late for MCAT due to some reasons, and as you know there's a little time left now. Im a federal board student, should I study from federal board's books? Do I need to join an academy? What topics are super important and what are some that come...
  13. Dental Discussions
    Do Pakistani Dental students get opportunities to apply for residency abroad? Some procedure which is equivalent to the USMLE/PLAB? How tough is it and is it better practicing here or abroad? Help.
  14. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Guys I need a little help According to the pmdc formula my aggregate I'd 79.6%. Now the uhs website says the minimum aggpercentage required is 82%. I called rmc and they said that it is impossible for me to get into a govt college because they only give admission kit to students who have...
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    are merit seats there dow international medical college. Thank you.
  16. Introductions
    Hey everyone.. I belong to Quetta balochistan .. please if anyone could guide me..Firstly tell me fee structure of Al shifa medical college islamabad .. and some names of private medical colleges for MBBS . i have scored 67% in FSC 78% in matric.. tell me some colleges according to my marks.
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    can anyone tell me about the atmosphere/environment at Dow international medical college,is there a lot of discipline there ,are girls very decent , can we have fun in that medical college, is ragging there in that college, Thank you.
  18. United States Medical Schools
    Hi guys, Im in my senior year of college with a major in Environmental Science in NYC. I was hoping to get some information for applying for different internships in clinics/hospitals and to find some research studies or lab research to volunteer or take part in. Ive used my university's...
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    is there any one around who's done IB and got fsc equivalence of it....can u plz let me know the procedure of it as am very sure it will be very different than A levels....i shall be very very thankful to you..:happy::happy:
1-19 of 28 Results