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  1. Introductions
    Hello everyone , this is Zain J. Khan . I am a Pakistani National who currently resides in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia . Very recently I completed my Alevels ( Biology , Chemistry , Physics i.e "the usual" ) in June and now am busting my s*** to get admitted in a medical university in Pakistan for...
  2. Other International Medical Schools
    If you are planning to pursue MBBS at affordable fees, then either study continuous for an Indian medical entrance exam or study MBBS in abroad destinations at low cost. Because studying MBBS for a private medical college is expensive, gives no surety of quality education, and does ensure...
  3. Other International Medical Schools
    Universities recognized by WHO, China Medical Council & Medical Council of India (MCI, for Screening Test) etc. Courses in English Medium Syllabus based on MCI / NMC(FOR South Asia Countries) Government owned Top Ranked Universities Excellent Classrooms, Laboratories and surgical theatres with...
  4. Other International Medical Schools
    Is China a good destination for an Indian students to Study MBBS in Abroad?
  5. Other International Medical Schools
    I am an Indian. I want to Study MBBS in Abroad. What should I do? Which are the best medical colleges in Abroad?
1-5 of 5 Results