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  1. Introductions
    My Name is Shahzaib Ali. I am from Pakistan and studied A levels in Paksitan from Saint Patricks High School.
  2. Introductions
    Hey! Finally decided to make an account and post on this forum, it's been very helpful regarding medical admissions, residency, etc. A little about me: I'm a Pakistani-Canadian who immigrated to Canada at the age of 6. Finished high school last year and decided to go to Pakistan for...
  3. Introductions
    well i guess this was some mandatory post lol. so few months back i started searching for medical colleges and admissions online like which one is preferred over the otherr and then came across this site and found it veryy helpful and will surely be using it to ask for advice :) oh well the...
  4. Introductions
    Hi, everyone this is sami khan from Karachi, Pakistan. An Enthusiastic HR Professional with good medical knowledge...! Currently associated with the finest online medical store in Pakistan. Looking for opportunities to share knowledge with all the members of this forum...!
  5. Introductions
    Hi. This is my first post in this forum. Although I have only joined as a member recently, I have been following this forum for quite a while now and I have to say a lot of the information here has really helped me so far. Since this is my introduction so let me start by telling a little bit...
  6. Introductions
    I am new here :) and i am very happy to b a part of it... I am from Islamabad,Pakistan. My secondary aim is to join PAF i hope this site will help me in all aspects of admission in Medical colleges :)
  7. Introductions
    AOA, I am 18 years old and depressed. I used to be a genius student at my school and got good grades without ever working hard, life was fun. Then my parents got me a laptop on my matriculation result and i got addicted to online surfing and started procrastinating alot. Soon, it became a...
  8. Introductions
    i m medical student 4th year mbbs from lahore pakistan..i like table tennis nd sketching apart from studies.:)
  9. Introductions
    Hello, I am a pre-medical student from Pakistan. Apart from medicine, I have an interest in writing fictional stories as well as essays on topics related to human behaviour in relation to social media. I'm also quite interested in cooking, sketching, reading and generally everything since I...
  10. Introductions
    Hey friends! I am Myra Asif. I am a pre medical student. I am very much fond of travelling to far off beutiful places. Apart from this I like to read book s and net surfing.
  11. Introductions
    Currently living in Karachi,Pakistan;student of MBBS at DUHS;besides medicine,I love nature,music,chess,science n literature;being liberal,I enjoy liberal company...!!!
  12. Introductions
    hello there everyone :D im new here so i would really appreciate if you guys guide me here since i really dont know how to use this website. im from pakistan and im in 4th year of my medical studies. there are alot of things i like outside medicine like shopping, games, novels etc i joined here...
  13. Introductions
    I am student. Just completed my Fsc. Free for a couple of months. Not so much into creative stuff.:roll: I can sketch a little though.;)
  14. Hi

    Hi I am an American citizen of Pakistani origin. I like to draw and I play badminton, I'm currently going into the 11th grade. :):):)
  15. Introductions
    My name is Antonio, originally from the states but studying in Baja California, Mexico. I'm a 5th/8th semester student, currently in clinicals. I don't know where I want to practice yet, I will be taking my Step 1 of the USMLE hopefully next summer (2013). I'm also happily married and have a 5...
  16. Med Studentz Lounge
    Hi, i am a new member of this site, my name is Farhandika Mursyid, i'm a new medical student from an university in Indonesia, i would like to know all of your informations about medical science.. I hope you would like to share knowledge.. Thank you :D;) Farhandika Mursyid
1-16 of 16 Results