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  1. Medical Students Area
    Hi, im a med student almost done with school in Mexico and im looking to do my internship in San Diego, California. I have a lot of questions that i would like you to help me with. Here in mexico after finishing med school we have to do some thing that is called rotatory internship that is a...
  2. Beyond Med School
    Hello! Was wondering how is the Aga Khan post- graduate Internship program different than the usual House-Job everyone goes after completing MBBS. I'm kind of clueless about the post-grad scene, and would really appreciate some clarity on this.
  3. Medical Students Area
    Hi everyone, I'm a pakistani national and I'm studying MBBS in china. I'm a final year student and after this year we are required to do one year compulsory internship before graduation in any teaching hospital. Now my case is a bit complicated as I plan to do my one year internship in Malaysia...
  4. United States Medical Schools
    Hi guys, Im in my senior year of college with a major in Environmental Science in NYC. I was hoping to get some information for applying for different internships in clinics/hospitals and to find some research studies or lab research to volunteer or take part in. Ive used my university's...
  5. Other International Medical Schools
    Hello, I need help. I have done MBBS from Pakistan and now it's time for the House job I want to know if it is possible to do house job abroad?? if yes, then how and which colleges or universities offer such opportunities?? and will that house job count? Any details, information regarding this...
1-5 of 5 Results