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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys So I recently found this forum which has been an absolute life saver!:) So I graduated HS last year in Australia with 92 Adv ENG, 94 MATH, 88 BIO, 80 PHYS, 88 CHEM & 93 LEGAL STUDIES. (Pretty Good I thought) until I converted them according to the IBCC conversion formula :!: which (I...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi I am new on the website and i was wondering if anyone knew whether or not provisional certificate would be enough for applying to med schools in Pakistan. The thing is I am taking my A2 exams this june, and original certificates come 8 weeks after results day which i believe is august 11th...
  3. Introductions
    Hey guys! I applied to Aga Khan for the MBBS program earlier on in the year. Has anyone gotten any replies from the admission office yet? Also, how many of you have applied for the IBCC equivalency certificate? I've studied from an American School (but not in America) and I was wondering if...
1-3 of 3 Results