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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I am a US citizen who currently lives in Pakistan. I moved here for high school to continue my studies and eventually go to medical school here. After reading a couple of threads, I'm starting to doubt whether I should stay here and pursue the MBBS. The advantages are it's less time and less...
  2. United States Medical Schools
    Hello Everyone ! Hope so you all 'll be doing good , Actually i am doing statistic project, in which i am conducting the survey and i need responses from the student community so i 'll be very thankful to you people if anyone fills this. It 'll hardly take 1-2 mins, Topic of survey is "Impact of...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello! I finished highschool from Australia and was under the impression that I could study biology, chemistry, physics OR maths. Therefore I did not study physics and don’t have it on my final transcript. However I’m not able to get an IBCC equivalency for pre-med, I have a few questions; 1...
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Where would i be able to purchase original medical books in Lahore?
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Ok so thats it ! Now i am literally tired of sending private msgs to people instead of replying to their threads and its soannoying and kinda awkward as well. I have been asking for help from med students but no reaponse! Can anyone out there please let me know what is the issue ? I cant reply...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey. So I'm a cambridge student whose taking the UHS MCAT and am having a problem with the syllabus. How identical is the MCAT Syllabus to Fsc? I got the 11 and 12 year Fsc books to prepare but its so flooded and different from A levels and it seems impossible to complete it all in a month...
  7. Chinese Medical Schools
    hello friends, let me give you introduction. i am Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia and i have completed my studies or high school from an indian school. i got 76% in 12th out of 100% in which subjects included are: physics- 69 biology-75 english-86 chemistry-85 home science-65 in 10th i got 8.4...
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hi, so as we all know entry tests are approaching and i for one am extremely scared. can any one of you tell me how did you study for the entry tests because i have the Fsc books and i dont know where to start and how to plan. please can some one tell me how did they study for example 1)many...
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I got 2A 2B 3C and 1 D in O level and 3Ds in A levels after getting my result i though i could have chance to get in a medical collage if i get good marks in MCAT but since i did A levels and mcat is FSC base this task Is impossible i am 100% sure i wont be able to get in any medical...
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    My total aggregate; taking FSC, Matric and Mcat into account, turns out to be 77.6%. I need to know what my options are. For a lot of medical colleges you cannot find the merit lists online. So I would be extremely grateful someone could list all my potential options.
  11. The Pre-Med Life
    I did not prepare for pmc and failed but now i am serious about studying, so i want to appear in AMC exam this december but i want to know about the syllabus and from where i can prepare it? any books, suggestions? tips? Also for december 2015 test do i have to learn from the new fsc fedral...
  12. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello everyone. So here is the deal I am a high school student in Canada and I will be finishing grade 12 in June. Previously I had been thinking about going to Pakistan to do medical since it is shorter than Canada's medical program but didn't make that my final decision. Well now I definitely...
  13. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello, I've been reading the threads on this forum for the past few days to get acquainted with the application processes for overseas schools. I've a few questions to ask pertaining to my situation in particular. 1. I graduated from a well-known homeschooling program. Nationally accredited...
  14. Dental Discussions
    Do Pakistani Dental students get opportunities to apply for residency abroad? Some procedure which is equivalent to the USMLE/PLAB? How tough is it and is it better practicing here or abroad? Help.
  15. The Pre-Med Life
    hello everyone! :) i am facing a serious crisis. I didn't do so well in my entrance test of NUST which gave me a total aggregate of 72.66% only.:cry: Still i really want to get admission for the bs applied biosciences programme. Does anyone know if i'll be eligible? if you do then please help...
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I've heard people say AIMC is actually better than KEMU. Is it true? Do give reasons with your answers please.
  17. BFA

    Med Studentz Lounge
    Hey you all..can anyone tell me all the information about BFA program that PU offers.i really found it interesting.will it have any value in Pakistan or not?:) please do tell me is there any kind of test that they want me to give.or any thing.please help me with it :) CIAO :P
  18. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello all! Im an A levels student and Ive been preparing fsc bio,but the AMC test is next week( I wanted to give the one in may but the dates were taken) and I havent yet started on Chemistry or Physics! Tell me what I should revise,like the important chapters,thanks!
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hey i got 726 in matric and 810 in fsc and 688 in mcat..the total aggregate is 68 % can u please tell me if i can secure admission in MBBS in LMDC normally
1-19 of 19 Results