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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys! So a lot of you here are A'level students who want to give their UHS MCAT this year. Now, most of you might be worried that 'A'levels k students government medical colleges mein nahin jaatay', and the FSC students only make it in. But that is a pretty wrong concept. I did A'levels and...
  2. The Pre-Med Life
    Hey there everyone. So I know, most people here have done/are doing FSC but if you're an A'level student or if you know someone in A'levels, here is a perfect guide I made for them. It has everything an A-2 student needs with every topic and element dealt separately so please share it with your...
  3. Beyond Med School
    ASA, hello everyone; I am a medical student from karachi, applying for house job at AKUH. i would really appreciate if anyone could guide me on what to expect from the written test and which books to study from for the test.
1-3 of 3 Results