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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what we are supposed to do once KMU posts their merit lists with the school selection? They haven't sent out a single email on when we need to attend Classes by or anything. The top of the merit list has this message written on it. "Centralized Admission in...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys, I was wondering if I can transfer into another university later on like in 2nd or 3rd year on foreign seat. And is the process easy like other universities around the world.. or complicated Thanks. Bye.
  3. Medical Students Area
    I am from Sri Lanka and I am planning to enter a medical college abroad, preferably India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. I have 1 B and 2 Cs for my G.C.E (Advance Level). I would like to know find out what good, recognized medical colleges would you recommend in these countries. I did some research on...
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey people! Greetings from Nepal!! I have been selected by government of Nepal under PTAP program to study MBBS in pakistan...I am not a pakistani orgin....How does the selection procedure go through for foreigners like me???? What are my chances of getting into KEMU or Allama Iqbal?
  5. Introductions
    HI everyone! I am a student from Nepal...I have been selected by government of Nepal to study MBBS under PTAP... What are my chances of getting into KEMU or Aallma Iqbal??? How does the selection procedure for foreign students work??? Also is Multan(Nishtar Medical College) a safe place for...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, this is my first post here. I've been going through other posts, trying to gather up as much information as I could. I am currently a 12th grader in the USA, looking to go to Pakistan to complete MBBS. I am currently looking at applying as a self-finance student, but the college I am looking...
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Salam all! My name?s Hadia and I gained admission into FJMC, Lahore last year through the PTAP scheme. This forum has helped me get a lot of info, support and guidance from it?s various users and threads. Last year, I knew literally NOTHING about applying to colleges in Pakistan as a...
1-7 of 7 Results