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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Which of these two hospitals is best for internal medicine residency if one plans to give MRCP after training? Also what is the difference between the 2-year and 4-year tracks in internal medicine residency at Aga khan and what track will be the best for MRCP. Thanks
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aoa, i am in a very worrisome state nowadays because i can't decide whether to go abroad for residency or stay in pakistan. My parents are emotionally dependant on me, that's why deciding is hard for me. My ultimate goal is to become a competent doctor and work in pakistan but i have heard from...
  3. Med Studentz Lounge
    a perspective from doctors around Pakistan? upto what extent residency from USA is valued in Pakistan? and what about FCPS in comparison with USMLE. JazakAllah.
  4. Beyond Med School
    Salams, I'm a med student from Pakistan , just wanted to know whats the current situation in UK for pursuing opthalmology specialization , Heard its really tough, is it feasible to go for UK or FCPS here, And what should i do now as a 4th year med student now so that i may have a better chance...
  5. Beyond Med School
    Salam to all. I have one important question. Can I do my M. Phil (IN PAKISTAN) in clinical subjects (e.g Medicine, Paediatrics) or not? And if yes, what would be its duration? Is there any pay offered to M. Phil students like that of FCPS students' pay?
  6. Introductions
    i m medical student 4th year mbbs from lahore pakistan..i like table tennis nd sketching apart from studies.:)
  7. Beyond Med School
    Hi everyone. I'm in desperate need of some advice and I would be grateful if someone could help me out. I'm a recent graduate and have cleared my FCPS 1 while also studying for my Step 1 which, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I had to delay and will now give in March. As a result, i...
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Assalam alaikum, I'm a 3rd year MBBS student of a private medical college in Karachi, and increasingly these days I'm finding myself losing interest and motivation in my medical studies. I'm one of those people who was mostly convinced by my parents to do MBBS, and although Alhamdulillah I...
1-8 of 8 Results