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  1. Introductions
    Hii, I'm applying to dimc this year and was hoping someone could tell me their personal experience there? Like how has it been and if the environmemt is well and friendly. Thankyou
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hellooo, Please only people with the knowledge of paki schools pls respond, or trying to get in. I am about to graduate with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer engineering, computer science. I have taken the mcat and have a 3.5 gpa. I have been apart of muslim...
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys, I just wanted to start a thread for everyone who will be joining DIMC this year (2016) in December so we could all help each other out and get to know each other. I look forward to hearing from you all :)
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys. I will be joining DIMC in December and I know a few other people that are joining as well. We all wanted to bring together everyone else who will be starting with us so we can get to know each other and give each other helpful tips but unfortunately, we haven't had much luck in finding...
1-4 of 5 Results