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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey fellow users, I am a student who will be applying to DIMC so I wanted to make a thread for people who will also be applying to DIMC this year. This way we can discuss the admission process, hostels and any other problems. I know it is really early to make a thread but the information...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys my name is Osman Murad and I'll be applying to DIMC - Karachi. I thought it would be nice to start this thread to get other to know other people who may be applying in the same year and also share a bit of information about the university and the application process.
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys, I was wondering if I can transfer into another university later on like in 2nd or 3rd year on foreign seat. And is the process easy like other universities around the world.. or complicated Thanks. Bye.
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, I did my A levels in Bio, Chem and Maths. I was facing a problem for the past month that the IBCC Board was not making my equivalency certificate for Pre-Med. However, according to the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and dental council) it is stated in their laws that for a Pre-Med equivalency a...
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello, I've been reading the threads on this forum for the past few days to get acquainted with the application processes for overseas schools. I've a few questions to ask pertaining to my situation in particular. 1. I graduated from a well-known homeschooling program. Nationally accredited...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello people, So I am currently applying for the MBBS program in Pakistani medical colleges. I've also applied at DOW INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, submitted the application form, admission fees and everything. Now they require SAT II scores in 3 subjects, so I decided to give the SAT II test...
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    can somebody please tell me the dimc mbbs 2014-15 application deadline? their website has no useful information
1-7 of 7 Results