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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Whats more preferable and beneficial, BDS in CMH lahore, or MBBS in LMDC or FMH ?
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I'm a student from Doha, if any of you guys have accurate info regarding the closing merit of CMH/Shifa/pmdc kindly inform, please!
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Anyone here studying in KIMS? I got selected and will most likely be going there, so if anyone here can give me an idea about college it will be appreciated. :) Like is the college worth it? Or should just take a gap year and try my luck next time:(
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Just wondering what is a good " Merit List" number to have in order to be admitted into CMH on a foreign seat
  5. Introductions
    Hello, I'm writing to ask if someone can give me some guidance regarding the aggregate needed for admission to CMH. I'm from Canada and my high school average is 88% (A-levels, I believe). However, my SAT ii scores were sadly much lower than I planned, 1760/2400. Therefore, I'm expecting my...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Shalamr Girls Hostel in I/8 Sector Islamabad I got into Shifa but the hostels ran out and I might have to stay there for the time being Any sort of information would be appreciated :)
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    This to all those who have applied or studying in CMH MULTAN(or lahore) medical college what will be the questions asked in interview? And what are the Test conducted in medical checkup ?
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So this is a question for all those who have applied in CMH Lahore and gotten elsewhere. What will you guys do if you later get into CMH. Transfer or let it go?
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aoa people Until recently both cmh and shalamar were my top choices for mbbs but now that cmh is affiliated with NUMS, and it has put me in quite a bit of confusion. This thread is to clear my own queries as well of those who are considering studying in these colleges ....i think both colleges...
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi Everyone, I am really anxious about my admission to CMH lahore (Local MBBS) this year. My aggregate with SAT 2 is 87.008. I have heard lots of different rumours about the closing merit for last year (i.e. 2015). Some say it was 84.4. Some say it was 88. I don't know who's right and what to...
  11. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I have got 371 marks in and 923 marks in Matric can I get admission in CMH or Private institute in Lahore on Donation basis and what will be the procedure for getting that admission feel free to comment :););)
  12. Pakistan Medical Schools
  13. CMH

    Pakistan Medical Schools
    Any idea what the expected merit of CMH will be this year? Will it decrease since its affiliated with NUMS now?
  14. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys. I've done O and A levels and my equivalences were 85% and 81.27% respectively. I also sat for MCAT this year and managed to get 788/1100 only.:/ I know FMH and LMDC take an aptitude test (With 12.5% weightage, i think.) So if i do well in the aptitude tests, do i stand a chance for...
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi guys. Whoever has 80+ aggregate please share them here. Even if it is with Sat2. Then we can determine who gets into which colg. My preference for mbbs is this: 1 Shifa 2 Cmh 3 Shalimar 4 fmh 5 lmdc
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    What was the last year closing merit for CMH (foreign students/overseas)?
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys i have 81.55% Uhs aggregate. That is 793/900 Matric, 960/1100 Fsc and 832/1100 Mcat. My CMH aggregate up until now is 72.000 something. Please keep in mind i want to apply for residency in USA :P, also i may wanna try out CSS at the end as well :P. Anyway i called CMH and they said...
  18. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, this thread is for all those who find the people at the CMH Administration incompetent, or just in general would like to get a student's view on CMH. Myself and Cefspan would be delighted to help out with your queries
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    My aggregate is 82.60, i have applied in cmh, fmh and shareef medical college in pvt sector... I wanna ask is it enough and which college i must give preference.??? plz help...
  20. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello friends, I need some help here.My aggregate in mcat entry test is 78.4% would i be able to get admission in cmh lahore and lmdc's mbbs programme 2013. If i manage to score till 81% as aggregate including their entry tests and interviews what will be my chances
1-20 of 23 Results