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  1. Medical Students Area
    Hi everyone, I'm a pakistani national and I'm studying MBBS in china. I'm a final year student and after this year we are required to do one year compulsory internship before graduation in any teaching hospital. Now my case is a bit complicated as I plan to do my one year internship in Malaysia...
  2. Chinese Medical Schools
    Hi, I am planning to go for MBBS in Yichun University.If Anyone studying there please tell me about its fee structure and its authentication.:depressed:
  3. Chinese Medical Schools
    Aoa, i am planning on going to Xinjiang med inshaAllah this coming sept and it ll be great to talk to someone who is also going:) :)
  4. Chinese Medical Schools
    Hi, I am currently in my last year of high school in the US, and plan on studying MBBS in China, but I have some questions. What are the basic requirements in order to apply. I am aware that I need to have complete the courses: Biology, chemistry, physics in high school, but do I have to take...
  5. Introductions
    Hey Guys Just joined the forum. Taught I'd just introduce myself. I'm currently studying Medicine in China. I'm a 3rd Year Medical Student. I'll keep the name of my University as well as country of origin private for now! I'm at this forum hopefully to get some answers with certain aspects...
  6. Chinese Medical Schools
    About Xian Jiaotong Medical University. Preliminary requisite: 1. Under 35 years of age, & with good health status. 2. Valid ordinary passport. 3. High school / senior secondary or advanced diploma. Application time: August to November (every year)...
1-6 of 6 Results