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  1. Medical Students Area
    Here is a good read if you're interested in Clinical Electives in the USA or Canada. Enjoy!
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen and I have lived almost my entire life in Canada. I'm considering to apply to medical schools in Pakistan. It seems like a really daunting process to me. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me and would like to discuss/talk about it so we can make an...
  3. United States Medical Schools
    Hey. I'll be starting my MBBS this November from either King Edward or Allama Iqbal InShaAllah but my ultimate wish is to settle in Canada along with my family as a Cardiac surgeon. Can someone please outline the path I need to take? As in, give details on these exams like usmle which I need to...
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Does anybody have any information on IBBC equivalency for Canada? The link to the equivalency book on their website is not working.
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Are medical schools in Pakistan approved from student loan in Canada or do you need to get a bank loan in Canada for your tuition and finances? If student loans are approved, will they give enough money to cover the cost.
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I'm from the GTA (Ontario, Canada) & I want to pursue med. school in Karachi, Pakistan. I have a few questions that I would appreciate if someone clarified :) 1) What are the minimum marks required Bio, Physics & Chem (before deduction)? How much are the deductions from IBCC (equivalency) for...
  7. Introductions
    hey people i am from dubai, just completed my AS level (awaiting results) Planing on going to med school next year, but confused where ??? Options: Pakistan (lahore) Canada And here (Gulf medical to be precise) So help needed in choosing which continent =D Any aid on decision-making will be...
1-7 of 7 Results