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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Salam alaikom! I, myself will write the MDCAT(s) in 2021 - and so I thought it'd be great (and helpful) to start a thread. If you have ANY useful material/information/guidance/tips or anything (related) really, please share them. The MCATs that one has to write, I think, that are provincially...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Anyone know about ragging going on at AKU? Or any other less-than-perfect student practices?
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi! I'm starting this thread to share information about the preparation of interview for the AKU admission process for the year 2019-2020. As you all know that the entry test has been conducted and now the result will be issued by the end of the July ( as stated by the examination squad at the...
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    AOA Everyone! Well the title says it all: I just appeared for A Levels and I'm looking forward to taking the AKU test. I got 7A*s and 1A in O Levels and just took my A Levels in the 3 Sciences. However, a lot of people tell me that students with 4 or 5A*s in their A Levels apply as well and they...
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    English was great for me and maths was surprisingly good too. As an A Level student had issues in pure sciences area as it was majorly Fsc. syllabus based, with a mixture of both conceptual AND rote-learning based questions. Someoone on one of those blogs that talk about the AKU test said that...
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been looking into the dilemma that is my acceptance. I have visited both AKU and SCM, and found hostel accommodations and the such kind of negligible, since my living standards will likely remain the same. Which college do you think I should...
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello all, I am a high school student in the United States who is interested in attending Aga Khan Medical College. I have a question regarding the admission process at Aga Khan University for foreign students such as myself. I know that I will have to get an IBCC equivalence certificate, but...
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    The Interviews are over and we've already submitted the Stage II application packet. I was just wondering when we might get to hear our decisions...?
  9. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Aku has finally informed candidates about results of 2016. Comment below selected or not for interview & your test percentages.
  10. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I found the physics sections challenging and chemistry was a little difficult too. Bio, english, math and science reasoning went fine Alhamdulillah. I was wondering if it was the same for everyone else? Also I have heard, to clear the AKU test you must pass all the individual sections. If that...
  11. Pakistan Medical Schools
    To everyone who has given the test and the people appearing this year, is just going through the SAT 1 and 2 books enough to ace the test? AKU has no defined syllabus so I'm pretty confused. Is there any need to study Sindh board or federal books for the AKU test? There is less than a month left...
  12. Beyond Med School
    Hello! Was wondering how is the Aga Khan post- graduate Internship program different than the usual House-Job everyone goes after completing MBBS. I'm kind of clueless about the post-grad scene, and would really appreciate some clarity on this.
  13. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello. I am currently doing Alevels. So my main priorities are AKU or DOW. The thing is i don't understand where to start studying from. People have recommended me to study from inter and sat 2 bks. But i just cannot make myself study. Can anyone recommend any good coaching center to take mcat...
  14. Pakistan Medical Schools
    We were told that we'll get our results in the beginning of August. Anybody know the exact dates? Anyways I thought we would need a thread where people could start posting their decisions when they get them so here it is.
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    hi, I just wanted to confirm whether or not AKU is a private medical college? If it is, can a foreign student apply for the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP) and the Self Finance Scheme (SFS) and be admitted into AKU or are both of these programs only for public Pakistani medical...
  16. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi, I just wanted to know what would be regarded as the lowest mark on the SAT I test to be eligible for admission into AKU and then what would be regarded as a competitive mark on the SAT I test for AKU? thanks in advance.
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So the date for the Entry test for AKU has been set as the 23rd of June. The AKU website lists the deadline for the MCAT results at 10th june. I'm a little confused by this. What time will the MCAT be held? wasn't it held in September last year? I'm an A level student and so my A level exams...
  18. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I've been reading a few posts around here and just wanted to get a few things straight. I've been told by my Counsellor that getting in to AKU is virtually impossible to get in to but I'd still thought I'd give it a go. The AKU entry test is somewhere in April. Are they any prior requirements...
1-18 of 18 Results