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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I know that the merit for both private and government medical colleges changes every year, but what is a safe aggregate if I want to get into a government medical college in Punjab, Sindh and KPK?
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    AMC just released it's merit list on the NUMS website. Does someone know how it all works? Theyve basically listed all the people that took the test. At least, that's my guess. So I was wondering, how many seats are there allocated for the local students? Also, what were your aggregates?
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey Guys.. I got 965 in fsc . Matric 968.. And In test disappointingly 258 :( what are my chances of admission .. My total aggregate comes out to be 64% (without interview) .. like out of 87.5% so i guess after interview maybe it will top 70% .. by the way how much marks do they give for an...
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Can anybody here tell me the documents required for applying to UHS after MCAT result is announced? :cautious: :pirate: :cyclops:
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    My UHS aggregate is 81.7%. and i don't think i'll get any seat in govt. medical colleges and i don't wanna waste a whole year. So please recommend me some medical colleges best for my aggregate. Please help. Confused a lot :?
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I was just thinking .... what might be the lowest aggregate one needs to get an admission in a private medical college inside Lahore..Just wondering. Anyone of you has any idea about it.
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    The aggregate i calculated was 63% i am wondering which private medical college should i apply... i messed up in my MCAT :'( ... I always had interest in BDS... Please dont tell me i should bribe my way through college... Like most of the threads i have read so far they say colleges like LMDC...
1-7 of 7 Results