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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Salam alaikom! I, myself will write the MDCAT(s) in 2021 - and so I thought it'd be great (and helpful) to start a thread. If you have ANY useful material/information/guidance/tips or anything (related) really, please share them. The MCATs that one has to write, I think, that are provincially...
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    What SAT-2 scores would be safe or ideal to get admission in a good government/private medical college in Pakistan on foreign quota, like Dow Medical College/Dow International, Liaquat National, Shifa Medical or Ziauddin? I know 550 was the minimum set by PMDC last year but what scores in BIO...
  3. The Pre-Med Life
    I have four A's, three A* and 1 E in O levels and three D's in A levels. Is it possible for me to get admitted to any medical university in Karachi with these grades? If yes, then please tell me what minimum MCAT score is required with these grades to get into MBBS program.
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Has the registration for the June/July test started? Their website just says admission is closed. Did i miss the deadline?
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Who got in?
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello! i have UHS aggregate of 72.3 % with 875 marks in Fsc and 712 marks in the entry test. all i want to know is "should i try to get in some private college? " means if any college in punjab take students for MBBS program with such a low merit . Because i don't want to be rejected after...
  7. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I have got 371 marks in and 923 marks in Matric can I get admission in CMH or Private institute in Lahore on Donation basis and what will be the procedure for getting that admission feel free to comment :););)
  8. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello, i want to know about the field of it good for pre-medical student? actually i want to study psychology at Bahria uni, but i don't know how to get admission...i mean is there any entry test? IF there is so how to clear the test? i need some guidance to be prepare for it.
  9. Introductions
    I just gave the test of baqai and I'm having 66% overall and more or less same %age in science subject what you guys think will I get admission and how much you need to score in order to get admission ?
  10. Medical Students Area
    I am from Sri Lanka and I am planning to enter a medical college abroad, preferably India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. I have 1 B and 2 Cs for my G.C.E (Advance Level). I would like to know find out what good, recognized medical colleges would you recommend in these countries. I did some research on...
  11. Introductions
    Hello everyone. I wanted to ask this question. I have passed my matriculation by 98%Marks. Now I am trying to search for a Best Medical college not In Pakistan But in any other foreign country in which I can do the Pre-Medical and then medical. So Does anyone of you know that " IS THERE ANY...
  12. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Does anybody knows when the merit list would be displayed? and how long would it take for interviews after merit list?
  13. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello, So I have filled out the application and gotten everything ready to submit to DIMC, but I can't find an email to send the application to. Does anyone know the correct email to send the application to? I would really appreciate the help as soon as possible!
  14. African Medical Schools
    Hello everyone ! I am student of pre-medicine in Pakistan, I have completed my Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) in Pre-medical group. I am interested in studying Medicine or Dentistry in Universities of South Africa like University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, University of...
  15. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Do I have to take SAT-II test for admission in Medical Colleges of Punjab (Public Sector)? If yes, what subjects should I take??? There was a thread, answering all of my questions. But it was started in 2007, and no new updates have been added. Anyone, with latest information....? If anyone...
  16. The Pre-Med Life
    hello everyone! :) i am facing a serious crisis. I didn't do so well in my entrance test of NUST which gave me a total aggregate of 72.66% only.:cry: Still i really want to get admission for the bs applied biosciences programme. Does anyone know if i'll be eligible? if you do then please help...
  17. Pakistan Medical Schools
    I've heard people say AIMC is actually better than KEMU. Is it true? Do give reasons with your answers please.
  18. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey there ! I have given 2nd year exams and am waiting for results. I have domicile of Rawalpindi, Punjab. I have passed matric with 775/1050 marks (73%) and scored 363/505 (71%) in Fsc part 1. I wanted to ask that... Can i get admission in BDS or MBBS in any government med college (I...
  19. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey! I'm an A level student in Dubai doing Edexcel board. I would like to come back to Pakistan for Medical and I'm interested in getting admitted to Aga Khan Medical College. I would be really glad if someone could help me regarding these: -Will I be considered an overseas or foreign student...
  20. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Can anyone give me the email address for contacting Dow International Medical College about admission info? And if not, does anyone know the specific information on what is needed to gain admittance to DIMC for U.S. residents? Like SAT 1 & 2 scores, GPA, etc. Thanks in advance. :)
1-20 of 28 Results