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  1. Introductions
    My Name is Shahzaib Ali. I am from Pakistan and studied A levels in Paksitan from Saint Patricks High School.
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    For people who are giving their A-Levels in October, they will have to apply in the next cycle of admissions i.e. 2021-2022, right? Does anyone have any more information regarding this?
  3. The Pre-Med Life
    I have four A's, three A* and 1 E in O levels and three D's in A levels. Is it possible for me to get admitted to any medical university in Karachi with these grades? If yes, then please tell me what minimum MCAT score is required with these grades to get into MBBS program.
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hi. So a little background. I've done my A levels and currently am on a gap year and will be applying for medicine this year IA. In AS, I gave Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I screwed up Physics (D) and Chemistry (C) and got an A in Biology. So I retook Chemistry and got a B. I decided for...
  5. Pakistan Medical Schools
    is there any one around who's done IB and got fsc equivalence of it....can u plz let me know the procedure of it as am very sure it will be very different than A levels....i shall be very very thankful to you..:happy::happy:
  6. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello all! My equivalency is around 72% and I am freaking out badly. If InshaAllah I score very well in the entry tests,will I be able to get into a good medical school? Private or government? I really need advice. Especially if you've been through the same,thank you!
1-6 of 6 Results