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  1. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hey, when i emaied Shifa they said they'd start calling people for interview from 13th October which is today. Has anyone been called yet? How does one know they been called (email, telephone call?) Also if we post past interview questions here it'll help everyone
  2. Pakistan Medical Schools
    So, who's thinking of going to DIMC this year?
  3. Pakistan Medical Schools
    Hello, So I have filled out the application and gotten everything ready to submit to DIMC, but I can't find an email to send the application to. Does anyone know the correct email to send the application to? I would really appreciate the help as soon as possible!
  4. Pakistan Medical Schools
    This thread is for everyone who is applying this year under PTAP. I'm applying from the UK and got my A-level results today and Alhumdulilah my equivalence is around 926 ish. I'm hoping to get into KEMC or AIMC, anywhere in Lahore really! I know last year the merit was very high and I've no...
1-4 of 4 Results