A Question Regarding Higher Education Committee for B.S.C From States. Any Help Appreciated :)
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    A Question Regarding Higher Education Committee for B.S.C From States. Any Help Appreciated :)

    Salam all,
    There are a questions I have when it comes to the HEC. I have not been able to find much information about how their procedures work. I am a bit confused, so any help would be awesome! So here goes: To clarify, does the HEC deal with Bachelors and above, and not FSC/US High school ? Would I need to show the HEC my high school diploma certificate, or send transcripts in, or both? I'm finding contradicting things online, as well as I'm not even sure my high school would have my transcripts after 5 years. It might be a bit hard to get a hold of them. Could my diploma and BSC transcripts/degree certificate be enough to compensate? Also in regards to the IBCC-does the IBCC deal with only FSC/American High school? If i want to apply to a medical school in Pakistan next year (family reasons) do I need an IBCC certificate and HEC certificate? I don't think my high school transcripts would even be valid because I read somewhere that you cannot use high school transcripts older than 2 years. Well, obviously after getting a 4 year BSC from the states, you can sure bet that my high school transcripts are older than 2 years! Before I ask any more questions and confuse you guys or myself more, could someone please help me clarify? Thank you very much. Allah Bless you all.

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    Anyone?*crickets chirping*
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    As far as i know HEC is only concerned with ur Fsc marks and the sat score. ur bsc degree wont make stand out from the rest of the applicants. they only look at fsc. n to apply to a med school in pak u need to first get your highschool marks converted through IBCC and write the sat exam. And about 4 year old transcript problem... ur transcript is still valid unless u had a more than 2 year study gap after highschool but since u went to uni right after highschool n did ur bsc the high school transcript is still valid. hope that helped
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    Emma101 is correct. Your bachelors degree will not help you obtain admissions in Pakistan. You will need to submit your high school transcript to IBCC to obtain an equivalency certificate and then apply on the basis of your equivalency score. IBCC deals with any educational system other than Pakistan's FSc grading system. IBCC's basic role is to take any other country's grading system and convert your grades to an FSc equivalent score.

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    I know this post is very old but i’m trying to find information and this post seemed very relatable! Did you ever end up pursing pakistan medical school?
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