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Thread: Medicine for Starters

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    Ok :p
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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmosCrazy042 View Post
    Ok :p
    Goal university questions, the book is available though
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    1. Theory Syllabus
    2. Theory Papers Marks Scheme and Specification tables
    3. Exams (Model and Past papers)
    4. Recommended Books
    5. Recommend Books Correlation
    6. OSPE Syllabus and Study Material

    Main Subjects:

    1. General Pathology (300 Marks)
      i. Microbiology
      ii. Immunology
    2. Pharmacology and Therapeutics (300 Marks)
    3. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (200 Marks)
    4. Behavioral Sciences (200 Marks)



    • UHS Second Professional Model Exam Papers (click ]here[/url])
    • UHS Second Professional Past Exam Papers 2005-2013 (click ]here[/url] and ]here[/url])


    a. General Pathology

    1. Robbins Pathological Basis of Diseases aka Big Robbins (Informative book, but cannot be revised due to length, Medium Robbins recommended)
    2. Robbins Basic Pathology aka Medium Robbins
    3. Goljan Rapid Review Pathology with Audio Lectures
    4. Kaplan Pathology

    There are three Robbins Pathology books: Robbins Pathologic Basis of Diseases (Big Robbins), Robbins Basic Pathology (Medium Robbins) and Robbins Review of Pathology (Mini Robbins). Medium Robbins is the main book for third year and Big Robbins’ reference. Mini Robbins alone is risky alone. Big Robbins is suitable for aspiring pathologists and super high marks achievers. Rest keep it as reference book this year although it’ll be more useful next year. As for review books, Goljan with audio lectures is pure bliss. If it seems hard, Kaplan Pathology is the alternate. Both will help with USMLE Step 1 preparation as well. The other two recommended books stated in the syllabus are not used.

    b. Microbiology and Immunology

    1. Levinson Microbiology and Immunology
    2. Made Ridiculously Simple Clinical Microbiology
    3. Kaplan Step 1 Microbiology & Immunology
    4. Parasitology Qaida by Dr. Shahid Anwar
    5. Jawetz Review of Microbiology (Not the Big one)

    Levinson is the standard book for this year. Kaplan helps with a quick review. Both books are great for both UHS exams and USMLE. If Levinson Microbiology seems a bit dense, study MRS instead for Microbiology. The humorous illustrations and language make Microbiology fun. Dr. Anwar’s Qaida is also a good alternate to Levinson’s for parasitology (parasites & worms/helminths) as well. Lifecycles given in Qaida are good too. The summary section in Levinson (pg. 633-671) is a must read. Qaida or Jawetz are local review books for microbiology and parasitology. You can use either if you decide to.

    c. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

    1. Katzung & Trevors Basic Pharmacology (Mini Katzung)
    2. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Katzung (Big Katzung)
    3. Lippincott’s Pharmacology
    4. Kaplan Pharmacology

    Pharmacology is a slightly tough subject this year. Numerous revisions are the only way to tame this beast. Mini Katzung is concise and covers everything to be tested on UHS. Prepare it really well and supplement with Lippincott, and you’re done. Students eying the top position read Big Katzung, but majority read Mini Katzung because it’s concise, complete and important for MCQs. Do include summary tables from big Katzung and try to read ANS, CNS and Asthma. Chemotherapeutic drugs in Lippincott is a great read. A local book by Shamim is recommened for classification tables.

    d. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

    1. General Principles and Practice of Forensic Medicine by Prof. Nasib R Awan (especially for Pakistan’s law)
    2. Parikh’s Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (Huge book)
    3. Terse Forensic Medicine
    4. Forensic Medicine by Dr. Amir Saleem (for UHS MCQs)

    Prof. Awan’s book is said to be the best book especially for studying Pakistan’s laws and Autopsy. Parikh or Terse are also standard books, though Parikh is denser and complex. Don’t study the Indian law portion from the book. Forensic Medicine by Dr. Amir Saleem is recommended for MCQs that are tested in the second professional exam. Doing Nasib R Awan and Amir Saleem & only toxicology section from Parikh is good. Terse is an alternate to Parikh, but in whichever case, do not leave out Amir Saleem. I’m still undecided on which one to get…

    e. Behavioral Sciences

    1. Handbook of Behavioral Sciences for Medical & Dental Students, Dr. Mowadat H. Rana
    2. BRS Behavioral Sciences or Kaplan Behavioral Sciences (For USMLE preparation)

    Dr. Rana’s book is to be studied thoroughly, especially for MCQs. BRS or Kaplan are for USMLE preparation.

    [B]More ]here.

    5. UHS MBBS Second Professional Syllabus & Recommended Books Correlation + Tips: This is just to give an idea about what each book contains and covers from the syllabus, and it doesn’t mean that all books are to be studied. Study what works for you. The page numbers in bold, however, are recommended to study. This section can be downloaded (click ) and can be edited for possible errors or improvement. If anyone decides to make changes, kindly make them in Italic so that alterations are clearly known. Thank you.


    a. General Pathology & Microbiology

    1. UHS OSPE syllabus, ToS + Model papers (click ]here[/url]
    2. Pathology UHS OSPE past papers till 2013: (click )
    3. Pathology ANQA (click )
    4. Pathology Complete Practical Notebook (click ]here[/url] or ]here[/url])

    b. Pharmacology & Therapeutics

    1. UHS OSPE Syllabus, ToS + Model papers (Click )
    2. UHS OSPE past papers till 2013 (click )
    3. Pharmacology Study Material (click )
    4. Pharmacology Complete Practical Notebook (click )

    c. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

    1. UHS OSPE Forensic Medicine Syllabus, ToS + Model papers (click )
    2. UHS OSPE Forensic Medicine Past Papers (click and )
    3. Forensic Medicine Study Material (click )

    d. Behavioral Sciences

    1. UHS OSPE Past Papers (click )
    2. UHS OSPE Sample Papers {click %20%28RMC%29%20and%20 (most colleges 2011-12)}
    3. Behavioral Sciences Study Material (click )

    Just one last USMLE tip, best time to take USMLE Step 1 is summer of 4th year and might as well do a clinical elective and save $$$. Familiarize yourself with the exam by visiting the and read about matched candidate’s statistics in the “Charting the Outcomes” report ) published August 2014. Start studying Kaplan (or BRS) anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, by next summer you’ll be done with pathology, pharmacology, and behavioral sciences too alongside third year study. Order First Aid (FA) USMLE or Step Up to USMLE (whichever suits you, the former’s recommended), USMLE World Qbank later on along with Master the Board USMLE Medical Ethics by Conrad Fischer too because it provides “insights” on ethics questions. I received numerous requests for information on PLAB & AMC. Right now, I do not know much about them, but I will look into them. Also, is there a BDS student around? I have collected material for BDS too per requests, so I would like them to take care of it. Thanks.

    Hope you’re all eager to start wards and have your Littman’s Classic.
    All the best for this year everyone.

    That’s all I have got for now and I hope it helps. As usual, Dr. Najeeb’s lectures are to supplement learning () or ). Suggestions, doubts, errors, broken links, anything, is welcome. I’ll be posting the first professional study guide (Part I and II) and research elective hospitals list next. Thank you all for your patience.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Danish.sohail View Post
    Okay. this thread made me shudder. I get into sialkot and i was thinking to ace prof and upgrade myself to Sheikh zayed lahore. But ab lagta pass krlo kafi hai :/
    Don't worry, its the initial shock, you'll adjust soon. Just make it a habit to revise everything you're taught in college everyday and don't let stuff pile up, you'll be golden. Good Luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by maryamtehreem View Post
    Hi, most of the links of books are old and don't work. Please provide new ones. Thank you.
    I'll post new ones some time today.

    How'd the profs go everyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rizwan94
    Quote Originally Posted by maryamtehreem
    Hi, most of the links of books are old and don't work. Please provide new ones. Thank you.
    I'll post new ones some time today.
    Here you go juniors, make the best of it. .
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    Med Studentz Beginner
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    Thank you! Highly helpful...
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    According to PMDC rules,any student who fails to pass BDS 1st proff in four attempts is ceased for further medical/dental education in Pakistan.Now can he/she apply for re-admission in mbbs/bds in any other province or anywhere else in Pakistan?what if he/she again appears in UHS entry test?Plz guide me if there is any way to get re-admission in Pakistan in any medical college.
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    Med Studentz Newbie eishaf's Avatar
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    thank you so much. this tread is very very helpful. you have worked hard. may allah bless you always
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    Med Studentz Beginner asadsultankhan's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by rizwan94 View Post
    Objective of the Thread


    This thread has been created to familiarize fresh Medical students (including myself) with the medical profession, studying tips and strategies and basics of Medical subjects to be studied in first year of M.B.B.S before the start of classes in December 2012. Hopefully, it will include links to books, useful websites, educational videos, medicine apps and much more all chosen in line with the M.B.B.S syllabus as outlined by PMDC, UHS and HEC. It is hoped the posted information proves helpful and takes us all on the path to excel through Medical School and fulfill our most cherished childhood dream of becoming doctors.
    First of all, thankyou!

    secondly, what about the modular integrated curiculum? what do we students do?
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    Good work and thanks for sharing the informative posts for fresh medical students.
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